Oudenburg fort, near Oostende may have belonged to this system. The Notitia Dignitatum lists the first cohort of Armoricans at Grannona (Granville) in litore Saxonico (on the Saxon shore). A fort at Skegness known in the 16th century may have belonged to the Saxon Shore.

Signal stations end at Filey Bay north of Flamborough Head leaving the Lincolnshire coast apparently undefended.

Branodunum = Brancaster
Gariannonum = near Yarmouth
Othona = Bradwell on Sea
Regulbium = Reculver
Rutupiae = Richborough
Dubris = Dover
Lemanis = Lympne
Anderita = Pevensey
Portus Adurni = Porchester
Bononia = Boulogne
The Roman names of Walton Castle and Carisbrooke are not known.