600 BCE Halstatt Iron age culture arrives in Britain

530 BCE Massilote Periplvs mentions "albione" and "ierne" (albv, eriv Old Irish)

320 BCE Pytheus explores British coast

250 BCE La Tène C Iron age culture arrives in Britain

160 BCE Romans know Pretannia, Hibernia, Mona and Vectis

120 BCE Romans occupy Provence

100 BCE La Tène D1 Iron age culture arrives in Britain

58 BCE Gallia Comata conquered by J. Caesar

55 BCE J.Caesar makes first Roman landing in Britain

54 BCE J.Caesar invades in force but withdraws

20 BCE to 20 CE Belgic settlements in south east Britain

43 CE Clavdivs begins conquest

60 CE Rebellion of Bovdicca

70 CE Conquest of the Brigantes

86 CE Agricola defeats Caledoni and reaches farthest north

121 CE Hadrian starts to build his wall

140 CE Antoninvs abandons Hadrian's frontier and builds a wall farther north

180 CE Antonine wall overrun and abandoned, Hadrianic frontier re-established

190 CE Albinus loses army of Britain in Gaul

209 CE Septimus Severus pacifies northern tribes and restores Hadrian's frontier

220 CE Reculver fort built against Saxon raiders

260 CE Saxon threat becomes acute

276 CE Probus reinforces Saxon Shore defences

342 CE Constans visits Britain, Pevensey fort built

351 CE Magnentius defeated by Constantius II, Britain's army depleted

350 CE Romans settle germanic "laeti" in Britain

358 CE Julian settles the Salian Francs in Toxandria

The dates of the La Tène period are for northern France, western Germany and the low countries. Other regions will have slightly later dates.

La Tène A    475 - 400 BCE
La Tène B    400 - 250 BCE
La Tène C    250 - 120 BCE
La Tène D1  120 -   70 BCE
La Tène D2  70 -   15 BCE